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A Dynamic Recruiting Process

To help you stay one step ahead of the competition and scale up quickly in response to shifting requirements and workloads we offer project-based, contract and permanent placement services across a wide range of industries.

Our rigorous, in-depth four-step talent selection process focuses on the qualities and capabilities that set our experienced IT professionals apart,

  1. First, our IT workforce strategists analyze each client’s IT needs, project goals and internal culture.
  2. Next, we compile a portfolio of closely matched candidates from our extensive roster of professionals and conduct in-depth interviews.
  3. In addition to subject matter expertise, and problem-solving skills, we evaluate factors such as personality, geographical location and other attributes to identify candidates that will fit best with the client’s culture, strategic approach and logistical requirements.
  4. After reviewing the information from these interviews, we invite the only the most qualified candidates to one-on-one technical screenings with our seasoned team of IT professionals and consultants.

The end result is a short list of highly qualified candidates who equipped to deliver outstanding performance and long-term value.

Donnelly & Moore has Information Technology Jobs available for qualified IT professionals. We serve IT Professional Staffing needs for clients in the New York City, New Jersey and surrounding areas.

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