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Saving You Time With the Right List of Candidates.

An increasingly competitive global economy rewards companies that respond to changing technologies and shifting needs with confidence and conviction. Our process-based IT workforce solutions keep our clients one step ahead of the competition and maximize the capabilities of the talented professionals at our disposal. Our rigorous yet flexible matching process helps our clients rapidly scale up in response to shifting business requirements and workloads without investing valuable time and resources in an external search. We offer project-based, contract and permanent placement services for clients across a wide range of industries.

Since human capital lies at the heart of what we do, our talent selection process focuses on the qualities and capabilities that set our experienced IT professionals apart.

  • First, our IT workforce strategists rigorously analyze each client’s IT needs, project goals and internal culture. Using this information, we compile a portfolio of closely matched candidates from our extensive roster of IT professionals.
  • We invite candidates whose skills and strengths closely track our clients’ needs to an in-depth interview with one of our recruitment specialists. In addition to subject matter expertise, problem-solving skills and attention to detail, we evaluate each candidate’s personality, geographical location and other factors to determine who will fit best with the client’s culture, strategic approach and logistical requirements.
  • Using the information culled from these recruitment interviews, we invite the most qualified candidates to one-on-one technical interviews with our highly experienced team of IT professionals and consultants.

The end result is a short list of highly qualified candidates who are equipped to deliver short-term results and long-term value.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in an ever-evolving field, our IT workforce experts have partnered with dozens of demanding clients to deliver flexible, customized IT workforce solutions that leverage the industry-leading expertise at their disposal. Discover what they can do to make your next project a success.