Cybersecurity Staffing

Donnelly & Moore provides exceptional cybersecurity services. From proactive strategic planning and implementation of preventive measures to daily operations, we minimize risk so you can focus on your business.

Professional Consultation, Auditing, And Knowledge Services

We provide full risk evaluation services to help craft a cybersecurity solution that suits your unique needs. Our highly skilled professionals walk you through every step of planning, development, and implementation.

  • Evaluation of your organization’s risk, internal controls, and alignment with industry standards and best practices
  • Guidance in the implementation of controls and complex systems
  • Full auditing and review of current compliance levels
  • Individual consulting services to free up your focus
  • Highly trained, knowledgeable professional services supported by extensive field experience


Cybersecurity Lab

Highly trained professionals run our specialized cybersecurity lab, with threat monitoring through a 24-hour platform 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We constantly analyze market status, trends, and solution development. Our team provides early detection and warning of Internet, Deep and Dark Web threats so that you can prevent attacks before they occur.

  • Full-time security monitoring center
  • Team of specialists providing prevention, detection, and focused protection
  • Professional management of threats, vulnerabilities and incidents in real time
  • Advanced technological tools, processes, and proven methodologies
  • Dedicated cyber intelligence team to extract critical data from varied sources
  • Implementation of AI and ML to catalogue and further analyze key information
  • Incident response to protect your organization via expert resources in incident containment, forensic analysis and digital crime
  • Managed security resources to operate and manage systems, security platforms and technologies in your organization
  • Specialist assistance in verification, compliance and control of policies aligned with best practices



We specialize in cybersecurity services from implementation to daily operation. Our team can assist you from the initial design and planning of your information security to the implementation of preventive measures and the daily operation of its architecture.

Ethical Hacking

  • External & Internal Infrastructure Testing
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Mobile Assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Management Program Design

Cybersecurity Assessment & Operations

  • Infrastructure Security Assessment
  • Software & ERP Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Network Architecture Reviews
  • Industrial Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Information Security Outsourcing

Cybersecurity Program & Cybersoc

  • CyberSOC Design and Operation
  • CyberSecurity Assessment Program
  • CyberCrime Investigation
  • Application Threat Modeling and Design Reviews
  • Incident Response Program Development or Review
  • CyberDefense

Risk & Audit

We evaluate the risk of your organization and guide in the implementation of controls. We also evaluate and audit the level of compliance with internal controls, and the system’s alignment with standards and best practices.


  • Regulatory Norms Implementation, Testing & Remediation Plan (SOX – Financial Regulations)
  • Standards Evaluation & Testing (ISO – COBIT – ITIL)
  • Segregation of Duties (SAP, ERP)

Business Continuity

  • Continuity Strategy Review & Testing
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Business Continuity Officer

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Program
  • Risk Definition & Mapping
  • Project Risk Management
  • Industrial Continuity Risk Assessment
  • Standards Alignment, Documentation & Implementation

Internal Audit

  • Audit Plan Development & Review
  • Process & IT Audit
  • Media Audit
  • Continuous Auditing
  • Fraud Investigation & Prevention
  • Digital Forensics
  • Data Analysis & Reprocessing
  • Internal Audit Process Quality Review


Our highly skilled professionals will assist you in the development and implementation of complex projects, minimizing the risk to your business and allowing you to focus on your process.


  • Digital Transformation & Innovation
  • IT Strategy (Plan & Alignment)
  • Process Improvement and Optimization
  • Management Solutions


  • Software Selection (RFP – RFI)
  • Functional Analysis
  • Demand Management
  • Software Efficiency & Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Business Intelligence

Cloud & Infrastructure

  • DevSecOps services & Outsourcing
  • Technology & Networking Architecture Design
  • Capacity and Performance
  • Network Architecture
  • Cloud Infrastructure Deployment & Administration
  • Private Cloud & Hosting


Specialized knowledge and talent are assets that our professionals bring to every job. Not only do they pride themselves on thorough training, but our teams bring vast experience collected in the field and active project execution.

Digital Talent

  • Talent Management Solution
  • Soft skills
  • Intrapreneurship & Digital Mindset
  • Cultural Transformation


  • Cybersecurity Awareness Program
  • Knowledge Assessment