Government IT Staffing Tips: How to Secure the Best Talent

Government IT Staffing Tips: How to Secure the Best Talent

Government IT Staffing Hiring for a government position can be a difficult prospect. Private sector hiring managers often have greater budget flexibility and can shuffle around money when the right IT contractor comes along. The public sector rarely has that elasticity. However, with our government IT staffing tips, you can attract the right IT professionals for your team without blowing your budget.

Research Their Salaries

Competitive salary data can be a goldmine. With the right figures in mind, you can quickly make an offer that obviates any competitor’s bid. However, the safe move is to always double-check the market before extending any offer. Unless a business is hiring IT candidates on a regular basis, any estimates about IT contractor ranges may miss the mark.

Also, you need to think on more than a local level. The going IT contractor rates elsewhere play a big part in whether or not top talent is willing to stay in New York. So staying current with competitive rates in other metro centers will help keep your talent pool from moving elsewhere (contractors are more likely to relocate).

Leverage Your Value Proposition

The private sector does not hold all of the cards. Public sector IT jobs have their own intrinsic value. Your agency simply needs to know how to leverage that value in a way that is appealing to potential government IT contractors. Here are a few ways that agencies familiar with government IT staffing appeal to candidates.

One of the greatest advantages available of public sector positions is the work/life balance offered by government work. A Dice survey finds that at least 45 percent of tech workers want more of a work-life balance than their current job affords them. When private sector peers are working on Washington’s Birthday or Veteran’s Day, government IT contractors can enjoy a paid day off. Plus, any benefits for IT contractors that your department offers should be central to your sales pitch.

And never forget the tangible value of working in a public sector position. For those tech professionals who want their work to make a difference, public sector jobs are a great way to do just that. Emphasize how your department contributes to the larger picture. Does your department contribute on a local level? A state level? A national level? Share that perspective with prospective candidates in advertisements and the interview itself.

Keep an Eye on the Market

Successful talent acquisition often comes down to being the fastest on the draw. The best government IT staffing firms keep their eyes peeled for talent that matches their needs, staying aware of when IT professionals’ contracts expire and their availability opens.

The average length of the hiring process in New York is 23.1 days. And that number is probably a low estimate. IT services tend to take longer hiring, with the national averages for IT positions taking 36.0 days to fill. Move faster than the average hiring department while interviewing and making job offers and you will have better results in acquiring candidates.

Boosting Your Government IT Staffing Results

Keeping up-to-date on competitive rates, pushing your selling points, and moving fast on quality IT contractors are all critical to staffing strategies, but with all of the responsibilities that come with running a successful department, it can be hard to dedicate time to all those tasks. Often, the solution is as simple as reaching out to a New York IT staffing firm.

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