5 Tools for Keeping IT Contractors Productive and Connected

5 Tools for Keeping IT Contractors Productive and Connected

keeping IT contractors productive

As a business owner or project manager, you call the shots. You are the dispatcher who keeps employees on the right road. With internal employees, the task of coordinating efforts and keeping on task is as simple as visiting offices or calling during business hours. IT contractors, on the other hand, pose unique challenges.

The independent nature of IT contractors complicates communication. Their autonomy and freeform schedules add extra steps to brainstorming and benchmark tracking. Yet plenty of collaboration and productivity tools exist to maximize the contributions of your IT contractors. Here are a few applications for keeping IT contractors productive and your projects on track.

Zoho or Trello

Benchmarks and deadlines need to be clear for any project. With collaborators (both internal employees and contractors) increasingly spread across great distances, digital platforms have sprung up to coordinate action. Two tools in particular are great at aligning what your IT contractors are doing with the rest of your organization: Zoho and Trello.

Zoho is a clean platform that allows users to track deadlines, share documents, store information, and clock their productivity. Your IT contractors can report their progress, upload proposals and links to prototypes, and discuss opportunities and challenges. The advantage of Zoho is that you can narrow down what your IT contractors can access. That way, their feeds aren’t cluttered with tasks that aren’t relevant to their scope of work.

Trello is a more visual organizational platform. The main dashboard allows you to track ideas, to-dos, ongoing projects, overdue projects, and completed tasks. Uploading documents is easy and discussions are simple to track. Moreover, if your project involves graphic design or prototype layouts, all teammates linked to the project can see those images the second they login.

Being able to visualize objectives and set reminders for deadlines ensures that priorities are always front of mind. Whether you use Zoho, Trello, or another platform, your IT contractors need something to keep them refreshed and focus on your projects.


Is your project early in the planning stage? Are you having a hard time organizing your ideas with IT contractors? One easy-to-use tool allow your brainstorming sessions to take on a life of their own: MindMeister.

MindMeister, referred to as mind mapping software, takes the brainstorming web to the next level. This platform allows users to view a project’s vision as it is forming, connecting the dots between ideas as they spawn. Best of all, you and your IT contractors can come back to each mind map as new ideas spring to mind, allowing your vision to evolve on-the-fly.

Being able to see ideas in a web makes connections that might otherwise remain unlinked. Sure a white board can do the same thing, but having access to this brainstorming tool online saves time and can be used as an easy reference for IT contractors once your project is in motion.


How do you stay in touch with IT contractors? Face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and emails all have their advantages and limitations. When you want to quickly ask for clarification or discuss a pressing issue, sometimes it helps to send off a quick message. That’s why these messaging applications are indispensable.

Skype is one commonly used tools. Most of the features of Skype are free and allow you and your IT contractors to quickly touch base. You can send a message or even arrange for a video conference. Group message threads are also available and are easy to search for relevant keywords in the past.


For those companies looking to integrate all of those features into one project management platform, Basecamp can be a great solution. This all-in-one suite allows users to track upcoming projects, divvy up assignments, share documents, message members, and keep tabs on approaching deadlines. Originally, it was an internal tool for the company BaseCamp, but their clients loved it so much that they wanted access for themselves.

The Secret to Keeping IT Contractors Productive

Another way to ensure you're keeping IT contractors productive and connected is to find tech professionals who are aligned with your business. Having a team of professionals who believe in your vision helps guarantee that your final product is a superior one. For that, you need an IT staffing partner that knows both the IT industry and the New York IT contractor market.

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