4 Benefits for IT Contractors That Will Sweeten Any Deal

4 Benefits for IT Contractors That Will Sweeten Any Deal

There is a point where added compensation no longer boosts an employee’s happiness. In New York, that threshold is $104,300 household income, one of the highest due to our cost of living. With the rates of IT contractors in the NY metro area as elevated as they are, more money simply stops motivating employees after a point. Yet traditionally, benefits for IT contractors have been neglected and their on-the-job happiness treated as if it was tied to money alone.

Much like full-time employees, IT contractors can be appealed to through means other than the almighty dollar. Though you will not likely provide contractors with the full range of benefits that their full-time counterparts receive, there are small but significant ways your business can make them feel like valued members of the team.

1.) Offer a Flexible Schedule

Job flexibility is coveted by employees everywhere. An Indeed study found that 50 percent of employees consider flexible hours to be a deciding factor in their next job. Flexible hours even contribute to an employee’s health, energy, and overall engagement. That’s why implementing flexible schedule options for your IT contractors is good for both your temporary employee and your business.

However, offering flexible hours is not as simple as giving your IT contractors the go ahead to work from home. In advance, determine how often IT contractors will need to be in the office and how you will track their output. Online project planning programs like Zoho and Asana offer ways to follow up on projects and log productivity.

Communication is also critical. Whether contractors need to be available by phone, email, Skype, or other forms of communication is something that needs to be worked out prior to their becoming free-range employees.

2.) Provide Ways to Learn

Offering ways for IT contractors to formally learn on the job is a win-win situation. There are plenty of companies that provide monthly opportunities for employees to attend lectures and panel discussions in areas that are directly beneficial to their job.

Take Zappos as a model. Their company is built around culture and continued learning is a large part of their vision (it is even one of the Zappos core values). Department experts teach classes on subjects ranging from Finance to Public Speaking and other courses that are relevant for their team. By providing similar trainings run by internal subject matter experts, your IT contractors (and full-time employees) can gain benefits that directly correspond with their current positions.

3.) Offer Summer Hours or Holiday Hours

CareerBuilder and other companies that offer summer hours and holiday policies vouch for their ability to boost morale and productivity. As long as this benefit remains seasonal, summer hours or holiday hours have been described as low cost or no cost benefits. In fact, they can encourage employees to complete certain projects within faster deadlines.

This is another perk that needs to be thoroughly outlined before implementing. Will your employees need to complete a certain amount of work before leaving? Are they receiving a half day or just getting out a few hours early? Do they need to log out in a specific way? Be clear with your IT contractors and they will put in the appropriate work for you.

4.) Offer Recognition & Small Rewards

Businesses do not need to spend excessive amounts of money to show IT contractors that they value their work. There are plenty of informal ways to convey appreciation that many companies do not take the time to do with contract employees.

One simple method comes from direct recognition. Mentioning the achievements of an IT contractor in a team meeting or a group email publicizes your appreciation of that person’s work. For those businesses that want to provide added incentive, a gift or reward with nominal expense can elicit disproportionately positive results.

Gift cards, luncheons, the chance to dress casual, and other creative ways of saying thank you can act as a tangible reminder that you appreciate an IT contractor’s work. Even if you are looking to save on costs, there are websites like provide discounts on gift cards and discounts to restaurants. Business owners just need to know where to look.

Want to learn more about what your employees want? Contact us at Donnelly & Moore. Plus, take a look at our New York IT Contractor Rates Guide to see if the foundation of your compensation is actually competitive.